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The Client
A leading provider of technology solutions to the investment community.

The Goal
Develop a plan to integrate the brand of a recently acquired competitor with the parent company while maintaining the loyalty of all of its clients.

The Excella Solution
An in-depth set of executive interviews with clients of the parent company as well as the newly acquired firm to better assess overall brand perceptions of each entity. Our findings resulted in a comprehensive set of recommendations for:

  • Product development
  • Client experience/Service
  • Brand integration

Based on our solutions-based research recommendations, the parent company successfully initiated the brand implementation process.

The Client
One of the nation’s leading brokerage companies

The Goal
Determine whether to develop a global custody offering and support for international products and services

The Excella Solution
A comprehensive research study and strategic recommendations to help senior management better understand critical target markets, client needs, and opportunities for a product suite that could be customized by market and distribution channel. Excella’s study had this main focus:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research into needs and priorities for both the company’s distribution partners and the company’s key clients

Based on Excella’s solutions-based research and recommended strategies, the client has successfully launched an international offering.

The Client
Leading RIA custodian

The Goal
Create a product strategy and marketing launch for a Web solution for clients of registered investment advisors.

The Excella Solution
A product development strategy based on a comprehensive study that included

  • Assessment of both advisor and investor needs
  • An evaluation our client’s key technology vendor
  • Analysis of market competitors
  • Recommendations for product enhancements

As part of the strategy, we developed a marketing program with supporting materials for the product launch, ongoing advisor communications, and training for relationship managers.

The Client
A leading brokerage company

The Goal
Launch a new wealth management offering for family offices

The Excella Solution
For 35 wealth management products, strategize and create the following:

  • Product positioning
  • In-depth product profiles
  • Sales tools

To ensure an efficient and informed buying experience for clients, Excella studied, documented, and streamlined the sales process for each product. Furthermore, to help the firm gauge client satisfaction on an ongoing basis, Excella created key metrics for evaluating product usage and perceived value by family offices. To date, more than 100 family offices have enrolled in the wealth management offering.