Financial Advisor Marketing, Coaching, and Training

Financial Advisor Marketing, Coaching, and Training 2021-01-13T01:08:39+00:00

The Client
A Cincinnati-based wealth manager known for it’s expertise in delivering holistic financial planning

The Goal
Accelerate organic growth, while institutionalizing business processes and cultivating G2 talent

The Excella Solution
Act as the firm’s CMO. Recent initiatives include:

  • Enhanced messaging platform that speaks to the firm’s ideal clients and showcases its proprietary approach to financial planning
  • Custom website conveying firm differentiators and the experience a prospect can expect as a client
  • Custom content strategy to engage prospects and clients
  • Enhancements to client communications, including content, format, and delivery of quarterly investment letters, performance reports, and newsletters
  • CRM strategy to collect and harness client data to efficiently deliver personalized client experiences
  • Sales training and coaching for G2 advisors
  • LinkedIn profiles of all associates along with launch of the company page
  • LinkedIn training to help firm associates build their brand and cultivate their network

The firm has exceeded its growth targets and continues to actively groom its G2 advisors.

The Client
A multi-billion dollar wealth manager pursing an aggressive inorganic growth strategy

The Goal
Persuade planning-driven breakaway advisors to join the firm

The Excella Solution
Created a sales support suite that included these elements:

  • A set of highly descriptive case studies representing real-life situations of breakaway advisors joining their firm; the case studies showcased each advisor’s reasons to join the firm, progression at the new organization, and quantifiable metrics to demonstrate success of their experience
  • Comparison matrix comparing the firm against competitive options
  • Fact sheet with compelling messaging about the most salient benefits of joining the firm

The firm now recruits with a stronger message and proven set of sales tools.

The Client
RIA firm who recently hired a NextGen financial advisor with the intent that she will become one of the future leaders of the firm. The NextGen advisor joined the firm with a strong set of technical skills that she developed over the years in various institutional money management roles. However, she now needed to expand her skill set so that she can build her own book of business, which is a requirement of her new position.

The Goal
Help the NextGen advisor develop the requisite skills to build strong center of influence, prospect, and client relationships.

The Excella Solution
Over the course of a five-month period, we provided an intensive training and coaching program that focused on personal branding, messaging, relationship building, and business development. This customized curriculum also included extensive role-playing and ultimately resulted in the following key accomplishments:

  • Clear definition and crisp articulation of her core brand message
  • Creation of a powerful LinkedIn® profile and supporting online strategy that showcases her brand and keeps her top-of-mind with connections
  • Development of three profiles of ideal clients to pursue
  • Ways to position herself and her firm with each of these ideal targets and effectively articulate how she can address their unique needs
  • A plan to cultivate relationships with centers of influence that serve ideal clients
  • A set of strategies and tactics for conducting effective networking meetings
  • A set of strategies and tactics for conducting effective prospect meetings, including how to address prospect concerns or objections
  • An understanding of what a thoughtful client discovery process entails and how to frame open-ended questions

As a result of Excella’s coaching and training, the NextGen advisor is ready to pursue prospecting and client development activities with a high degree of confidence, focus, and discipline.

The Client
A $100 million Houston-based RIA firm

The Goal
Grow the firm and position it for a future sale

The Excella Solution
Provided a range of marketing guidance and support to 1) help elevate the firm’s brand message, 2) cultivate deeper relationships with best clients, and 3) generate quality leads.

  • Fine-tuned the firm’s messaging, along with editorial support to upgrade existing website content and the founder’s LinkedIn profile to speak to ideal clients
  • Created a focused and integrated custom content and event strategy, including topical ideas for articles, white papers, client webinars, and in-person events
  • Coaching and strategies to cultivate COI relationships
  • Developed a CRM data collection strategy the firm could leverage to deliver personalized client experiences

Firm was ultimately sold at a premium 10 months after we completed our work.